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Just to clear up some things

Mortal Kombat original on Amiga was two disks, because of the protection system (PDOS), it could only be cracked to three disks (because PDOS's capacity is greater than standard DOS disks) hence the nightmare disk swapping.

The first Mortal Kombat release by Fairlight did have a bug in the Sonja graphics, because it was a leaked copy from the duplicators. I supplied a working disk (because Dual Crew Shining got it from the same source) and I gave N.O.M.A.D. the working tracks (my name is credited on the fixed version).

There should be VERY few copies of the first crack, because we gave the fixed version to Fairlight very quickly.

The Amiga version of Mortal Kombat was considered the best of all the versions produced at the time.

Snes version didn't have blood
Megadrive version had some scenes missing
Amiga version had the lot!

The Megadrives limited 512 colour pallete didn't help either.

Mortal Kombat II nearly didn't happen on Amiga, but for Probe convincing Acclaim that it was worthwhile as they already had 90% of the code from the first game (in fact they went ahead and wrote it anyway and presented it to Acclaim).

If you have a hard drive installed version of Mortal Kombat on Amiga, not only is it as quick to load, it has everything. Maybe its not as 'cool' as the arcade, but its pretty close.
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