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Originally Posted by Zetr0
Its quite sad really.

Its only my personall opinion that the UK really doesn`t appreciate its workers work-skills, I will be honest in saying that I dont believe there is ANY ONE sector (commercial or otherwise) that renumerates (financialy or otherwise) for the work done.

This is also quite evident that graduates are seriously looked down upon. infact unless you have a masters in a specific field you are offered quite poor packages in the UK, and even if you have a masters (and haven`t specialised yourself out of the market) most companys would prefer to have you on an outsourcing / consultants contract.

I can honestly understand the reason to move 'else where' and it almost seems anywhere is better.
Yes, it's bad that businesses don't want to pay for educated people. That said, having a diploma doesn't mean you're good, fast or innovative at programming. It does imply that you have patience, are self-reliant, and can express yourself formally in writing.

When there are vacancies/recruitments, the task you're hired for is often a VERY narrow one. So the thing that gets you the job is usually that you've done something similar before. Diplomas matter less to them. They wanna hire you, finish the product on time, and then things move on from there.

Exceptions are experimental/academic/new technology sectors.

In Sweden it's getting silly, you pretty much have to have years of experience to become a janitor or cleaning lady/lad.

And about OOP: don't confuse the syntax with programming methods. OOP can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. The single most important tip you can get about OOP is the same as for any other language: learn to use the debugger before you write your first line of code.

I've spent my last 4 years @ Uni and I keep catching the programmers blinking at a piece of code. What it does is there in plain English (almost), and they ask what's wrong with the code. I say, "How should I know? Have you checked the inputs?" (to the function). And they react like, "Oh, there is a debugger?"
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