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Guess I should really post this somewhere in the thread so that it saves people time in trying to see what it's all about / additions etc...

Some of it's in the README but some isn't:

Originally Posted by DamienD
To save you trawling through my 7 page thread I thought I'd point out the main details...

Basically the DVD has an autorun and will launch once it's inserted into your DVD drive. Here you have 2 main options; Run Setup or Read-Me.

Things to note:
... Windows 2000 / Windows XP
... If you have more than one CD / DVD drive in your PC / laptop, make sure that your DVD is the first available otherwise the SETUP will not work correctly. Virtual drives will be ignored.

Once clicking Run Setup the SETUP.EXE program will run, you need to go through the Main Menu options 1, 2 and 3:

(1) Run the "File Location + Desktop Shortcut - Setup" menu:
Here you can select to run the DVD from the local HDD or DVD and a shortcut will be copied to your Desktop afterwards. You will then be taken back to the Main Menu and should now press 2.

(2) Run the "Emulator - Selection" menu:
Here you can select which one of the 2 emulators you'd like to use i.e. Snex9x or ZSnes, then options for display and controllers. Afterwards you will be taken back to the Main Menu.

Note: if you are running everything from the DVD:
... Snes9x: all options are configurable as Snesx9 uses the registry.
... ZSnes: only default display and keyboard controls will be set due ZSnes using file based configurations.

Note: if you are running everything from the HDD:
... Snes9x: all options are configurable.
... Zsnes: all options are configurable.

Once you been through the above 2 options and are happy just select (3) Exit, as all desired settings have been applied.

If you ever want to change your selected options just run Setup again and go through whichever part you want to change. You can also select (4) Exit, removing all applied settings to remove all previous options.
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