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Emulation - Ok for those that want it

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
What a ridiculously arrogant comment. You prefer emulation. Great. I'm happy for you. But don't disregard everyone else's point of view so easily. Just because you prefer it doesn't mean everyone else had to.
As an A4000/060 276 megs ram, 40gig HD, Picasso IV graphics card, X surf + hypercom3 serial and parallel, buddha+catweasel+kylwalda,DKB 3128 memory memory board, Lyra keyboard interface, and punchinello mouse adaptor, I find my Amiga experience is great. I mainly use it for reading online books, email and a little light web surfing, with no problems whatsoever. This is on the NZ version of broadband, 3mhz/s download, 2 mhz/s upload. I find this does all I need, is stable and is very virus resistant, as I dont think a lot of people do use Amigas now, so no new virii get targeted at me.
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