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I know someboyd might "kill me" for this...but it goes..
I ha ve a completely brand new-never before used Elbox Spider II i bought from eBay more than a year ago

I dont know why, my head was God knows where, i got no usb stack.
Later i realized about Chris fight against Elbox, so suddenly i had no way of using my Spider II.
I can promise its never been used, and is sitting here, next to me, laughing of my bad luck

do you guys think that this stack would be good for my Spider II?

In case anyone is interested and has a copy of the Poseidon stack (which i dont, becasue i was away of the Amiga scene for a while), im willing to sell/trade the card, so another Amiga user can give the use it deserves, and that i couldnt ever give


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