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I like 2D games, 60's/70's sitcoms, old movies, old music...I am a retro man. Not because I live in the past, but because modern games, modern TV, modern films, and (a lot of) modern music is utter tosh!
Yeah that the way I feel but maybe things would be different if we were younger. Maybe today's kids will miss modern games of our time in the future. But things were different in the past. Computer gaming was not a major industry as it is now. Today a game becomes too popular and you see tons of sequels and clones of it quickly. There was a game named "icarus" with the following sentence on the cover:

"Diablo fans willl love this game"

If I were a diablo fan I would play diablo instead of a cheap imitation but games are there to be consumed, not to be played now! Quantity overcomes quality. It's capitalism and no matter how we hate it, we live in it.
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