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Happy GameBase Amiga v1.4 released - Now with >>2<< MP3s!

GameBase Amiga v1.4 released

Yes, it's true, GameBase Amiga v1.4 has been released (actually it has been released a week ago but there were some issues we wanted to get out of the way before officially announcing it here) and now contains 2 (yes two) MP3s!

Oh yeah, there are also a couple of hundred new configured ADF and SPS games and... hmm, I'm forgetting something, oh yeah, support for about 1300 games from KillerGorilla's WHDLoad packs. For full statistics, see the GameBase Amiga Homepage. There is also a new wiki which will from now on contain all documentation about GameBase/MAGE Amiga.

Thanks to our new little tool WHDRun, WHDLoad slaves can be configured on the Windows side (e.g. CUSTOM values can be set; nice per-game settings coming soon). The original game archives stay unchanged and your saved games and highscores are stored separately.

Note: If you've downloaded GameBase Amiga v1.4 before today about noon, please download and install it again because as of today there is a new version of WHDRun included (1.0 Beta 4) which fixes a bug with the saved custom per-game options.

All files are online now, including new Rare Games packs and direct downloads for all the new ADF games.
Have fun.

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