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Hey those are more than ten! You cant include all models, cheater Here's the top ten list of computers I DO NOT own yet and I desperately want (in no particular order):

- Panasonic FS-A1GT MSX Turbo R computer (with moonsound, HD and all, if possible )

- Sharp X680x0 (any model, really, but an expert 3 would be most sexy )

- Fujitsu Fm-Towns (or a Marty console, if an FM Towns is not available)

- Sega Teradrive

- Macintosh Classic Color II

- Commodore C65 (a.k.a. C64DX, my holy grail )

- Scorpion 128 (Russian Speccy clone, detachable keyboard)

- Sam Coupe

- Amiga CDTV full system (it's so fucking sexy )

- Atari Falcon 030

I think those are the most wanted of the moment.... one day they will be all mine
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