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Ya' like it Retr0?
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personally its a waste of US citizens tax-dollars and time.

its an interesting read though.....

just before amiga-washinton when tits-up they tried to claw back the OS from hyperon, but by the time they came up with the money all the rights from had been sold to kronos *owned by the same people* (in a back hand deal with themselfs) amiga-washington then went belly up with over $200,000 debit with no assets (funny that).... then low and be-hold Kronos change name to .... with all the suposed assets, the same people running it and 100% debt free!

Hyperon should of refused the last money order and claimed the work done under the agreement of insolvencey

i am not sure wich turd is biggest.... what ever happens i am sure this battle will be one by the fastest turd that gets to the surface first!
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