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Originally Posted by nyder
Isn't Amiga a Spanish word anyones? Female Friend or something?

Don't recall them ever teaching that on Seseame Street though, but that was years ago. =)
As a matter of fact, Amiga INC used to take down Spanish (Latin) porn sites for defaming the Amiga brand.

Amiga INC is a huge slab of crap.

Gary Peake (rest his sole) and I used to go around and around on Usenet. I claimed that his company was not going to produce anything worthwhile. Five years later, I am still alive and feeling very vindicated. I wonder if Dante shook Gary's hand and said, "you were the inspiration for this circle. I'm pleased to meet you".

Sneaky businesses will never prosper. If you are waiting for some crappy five hundred dollar PPC, I have an old Power Mac that I'm more than willing to part with (at that price). PM me for an "uberbargain". Hell, for 500$ I'll draw a damned boingball on it by hand.

Well, here is my tribute to Gary, the Usenet warrior.

"Never doubt that a group of highly motivated and
dedicated individuals can change the world. In fact,
this is the only thing that ever has."

-Gary's old tagline

Rest in piece, Gary.
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