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So in other words, this Topic need not existed if only for "people" slagging off WinUAE?! It's obvious these types are the ones who expect to literally load WinUAE, start a game and that's it. If that's what they want - get a real Amiga. But then again, WinUAE is the CLOSEST if not most damn accurate emulator there is ffs! And what's wrong with the excellent Gamebase for those can't be arsed to fiddle with set-ups? What more do these sort want? It's the easiest to use emulator around and it's free!

I've never experienced any problems with WinUAE. I'd say 95% of ALL the TOSEC games I have, work straight off. For the others - little bit of "fiddling" and hey presto! Then off course we have EAB and if you get stuck on something, no matter how trivial it is, flipping ask here!

WinUAE rocks. Toni rocks. End off.

ps I was 100% sober typing this post. Any form or lack of concentration was courtesy of my four screaming kids whose heads will be banged together in the minute if they don't behave.
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