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I got my drive fixed by AT, but just before that I investigated a way to do it at home.... via the Aminet!!

Short: Make new A1200 compatible to old ones
Author: (Christian Sauer)
Uploader: sauer cip informatik uni-wuerzburg de (Christian Sauer)
Type: hard/hack
Replaces: hard/hack/A1200FDfix.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Do you have a new Amiga 1200 of Amiga Technologies and do you wonder why
some software doesn't work on your machine, but does so on older Amiga
1200s? - Then this fixpack is for you!
This hack even works with software writing directly to floppy, e.g.
XCopyPro of TBG and some games!

The archive includes:
'Schematic.iff' and
'CircuitBoard.iff' to build up the hardware hack
'A1200FDtest' including sourcefile to adjust the hardware correctly
'ReadMe' for further information
A few reports say that this definitely works... so if you get an Escom revision you could do this!!
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