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Top Ten List of Dream computers.

Whats everyones top ten favorite list of computers. Heres my list to get it started,

1. Amiga 4000T; best with PCI based GFX card, 060/PPC card, Studio 16 & Video Toaster. But even without these things A4000T's are cool. Why is no external floppy connector built in though? The only other Amiga without this is the CD32.

2. Any other model Amiga, order of preferance is.

a. A4000D with new PCI daughtercard in a Tower case, GFX card and all the PCI add-ons sound,network etc.

b. A1200, 060 GFX card based with PCI.

c. A3000T, 060 GFX card based.

d. A2000, 060 GFX card based.

e. A3000, 060 GFX card based.

f. CD32 w/FMV or SX-1.

g. CDTV with add-ons.

h. A1000 with OS 3.1 68030 harddisk etc. I have seen one of these babys, I think it had a special add-on to the MB that let it have the modern Amiga OS.

h. A600 w/68030.

i. A500 w/ 68040.

2. SGI Origin 3000 with 512 CPU's and 1 Terabyte of RAM. 500 TB of Hardisk space should be a decent amount of storage.

Or if you can't offord this an SGI O2 is cool as well or an Octane.

Notice that even the mightly SGI is my perfered system after all the Amigas!

3. Sun Fire 15K with 106 900Mhz Ultrsparc CPU's and 1/2 Terabyte of RAM. {We have these at work}

4. Any new Sun workstation with Solaris 8. SunBlades start at only $995.

5. bplan Pegasos Amiga clone running MorphOS or Amiga OS 4.0 with USB, Firewire, G4 and or G5 powerpc CPU.

When its for real it will go higher on my list.

6. Amithlon preconfigured AMD 2Ghz system with Amiga OS 3.9. When more native apps are avail it will go higher on my list. This could also be a UAE based machine.

7. Cisco Routers (They include a shell based OS and I consider them computers.

8. Newish Linux AMD box 1.2 Ghz CPU or higher with GForce 3 or 4 when released.

9. Newish FreeBSD Box 1.2 Ghz or higher.

10. Mac Cube with OS 10 , its Unix with a Mac twist, not like the Mac OS of old which was sh*t. Mac OS 10 does have some of its own problems though, and its slow!

Missing from my list Windows of course! Sure I have machines that run it at home but it is not wanted. WINE should make me boot Windows less and less in the future.

Coming soon my fav app list ,whats your fav Computers and or apps and why?

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