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Were Retro Gamer talking about released and unreleased machines or just pure vaporware? Regardless of the answer, the number would easily come to 35 announcements if you include C='s days of producing Amigas to the present (and don't forget that they also had their fair share of vaporware machines, albeit mostly rumoured and never officially announced). Have a looksy here and count 'em all up:

Classic Amigas

Amiga Prototype Machines

AmigaOS & DE Machines

Amiga Spin-off Machines

Even if you exclude the good ole days of C=, the no. isn't wildly inaccurate when you consider how many vaporware next gen Amigas have been announced since their demise. You can probably spot about 30 between all the links above and the one below:

The Amiga legacy has to be one of the worst examples of use and abuse by commercial entities in the computer world following the death of a platform's parent company! I'm just thankful that amongst the rubble there are still Amiga enthusiasts like those here on EAB left!!

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