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OOP (object Orientated Progamming)

is very simple, if you can get your head arround ASM then this is a piece of piss to be quite frank.

Dataflex uses the 4GL language syntax

its VERY simple as you might expect. in all honesty if you can get your head arround ASP/ADO or Jscript 4GL will seem like a limmitation to you.

this will get you writing 4GL really quickly

In all honesty Dataflex is just an IDE for 4GL, and 4GL is only good for prototyping. but some make a really good living off it.

heres a good place to start learning (4GL)

once you have the jist of it... you will know what dataflex is all about


now for the assignment "whots this dataflex about!?".... 500 words... by monday next week LOL

hope it helps m8y!! (best of luck )
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