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@Haakon - I've got one of these - my one's the version that you have to connect via a Catweasel Mk.IV card. This has the advantage over the USB version in that you can use it to connect to a real Amiga too.

It's exactly like the original except for the addition of two extra alternatively placed fire buttons. There's a switch on the back that can be used to turn off the extra firebuttons.

I presume the additions are to avoid any accusations that the joystick is a straight copy of a patented design (?)

Personally I don't use these extra buttons and just leave them switched out - like this the joystick is exactly the same as the original.

The USB version looks the same but I've got no idea if this works with WinUAE in the same way, or as well as, the Catweasel version.

Edit: just realised this is my 100th post... Do I win a prize?
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