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Worst: Bought a brand new A1200 just released here in Brazil for U$800,00, later bought a GVP A1230 for U$ 1250,00, yes...that high...
Had to sell my much greater-than-PC machine 2 years later for U$1000,00 with 3.2Gb 3 1/2" internal HD cause I needed money (new child coming)

Best: Just before I join EAB I got a near yellow A1200 with A1230II with 8megs, molten 80Mb hd and a 1084S. Barely working due to bad storage, no mouse...
Now its shiny white, with a 4.2Gb HD, internal CD, a PCMCIA etherlinkIII and Orinoco Silver, a nice hacked MS intellimouse and a blue power led!

Wish I never had to sell my Ami...
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