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The cpu seems real at least.

But I learned long ago, unless the cash is in my hand, don't count it.

Anything new with the Amiga named attached has nothing to do with the Amiga computers everyone holds dear. If we want a modern OS that's Amiga like, then we have to do it our selves. Screw overpriced hardware that no one knows how to program for. I'd rather have a good OS that runs on my x86 hardware, then have to invest anymore in the dead.

Or at least support the people making the homebrew hardware for the Amiga computers, but buying a new computer called an Amiga just isn't going to happen, and if it does, it's not going to be anything we want.

I really think if Amiga Inc., or whatever it's called now was really serious about making Amigas again, they would work on making the kick ass OS, not about using some new hardware that's going to cost a fortune. I mean, come on, why didn't they go after the Cell processor? PS3 could be the development system and run the new OS. Instead it's a new, untested chip. It sounds nice, sure, but so did the Prescott's when they came out.

Oh, well, I guess I ranted enough, looks like the rain mellowed down so I can leave. Well, sorry to express my opinions on you, I'm sure most of you see what I'm saying, even if you may not agree with it. I am not against Amiga's at all, I love mine and and working on getting more. But nothing short of a free development system of this new hardware would get me interested in anything based on new hardware.

So please, if I really offended anyone with this post, relax, take a bong hit.
It wasn't intentional. I'm sure if you explain your opinion then we can come to some compromise, like agreeing to disagree. =)
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