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Originally Posted by Konrad
Oh please...

Just because (insulting) comments from A FEW guys ? Don't be so touchy. The "retard" wasn't nice to say, that's correct. But taking this as argument that there's not much left of the amiga community ? How narrowminded is that ?!? No offense, really, but wake up guys ! Life goes on, even if you get criticised or insulted. I mean, I also wouldn't like to be insulted, but that doesn't mean I'd flip out as Barry did.
Yes your completely correct in my reference to there being not much left of the Amiga community and i will admit my mistake, for that i am sorry, but i did mean that also in another way in terms of it getting smaller, and the last thing we need is someone breaking things down IMHO.

Yes people shouldnt flip out if they get insulted, but the people that do insult also need to be put into the line. If someone called you retard to your face, you would not tollerate it, but on here it seems very acceptable to keep doing what some on here keep doing. Its a bit like a child that walks into a Toy shop. the child will cry and whine that he wants this toy and that toy.. etc.. and if mum always gives in he will just keep being a little brat until one day grows up to be an even bigger one because no-one said "No you cant have that" !!.

Same thing applies here. You cant keep starting problems when you dont agree with someone and have nothing done about it, because then it just grows bigger.

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