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ignoring the silliness within this thread for a mo...

i find it really difficult to read this guys "rants" - i can barely tell if he is actully pro or against amigas in the modern world, as he writes in a way which, once read back, seems to be what i would call "that of a mentalist"

i can read his rather purile attempts at insulting the "amiga community" as a whole, which in some resepects is almost like a form of racism. he has dismissed an entire group of people and branded them within a "bracket" for which they "obviously" all conform. Hardly says much for the guys intellectualism if he is so narrow-minded as to fail to distinguish between individuals.

lastly, who is this guy, and why should any of us care what he has to say anyway? ive certainly never heard of him, and regardless of his usage of an amiga, i'm not sure i want to know his opinions anyway, based on his writing that i have read.
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