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Originally posted by Ian
BTW this seems to have been a popular topic on emu boards recently, I saw the same subject raised over at the L(ittle)G(reen)D(esktop) forum.
Hehehe...that's certainly ironic coming from the LGD camp. Anybody interested should go to some ST retro sites, visit their link pages and see how many sites from those pages are still alive. I've done this on several occasions when trying to find certain files for the most cases, I'd go more than a year without visiting ST sites, return to them looking for a file and find 95% of the sites no longer in existance. And the remaining sites have nothing new added to them (other than some that carry news). Now that's a dead scene!

But thanks for mentioning this because I never considered using the LGD forum before (I didn't even know they had one!) and I may use it in the future to ask for assistance in locating a particular game.
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