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sorry haps , i wasn't clear enough:

i'm not implicating that everybody is on one of the two banks of the river here. i'm just saying, that i'm kind of pissed reading the same insults AND silly things over the same debate, by, basically the same persons, since something over one whole year now...

moreover on a matter that's not important at all, just for the sake of show that one's better than the others.

i can see the little numbers of my, already low, IQ diving away on the floor and running like ants: i'm tired both of the bad attitude (i'm not touchy, i don't particulary give weight to idle words) for the sake of it, and by the sanctimonious calls for "no i'm good because i'm positive, so you are automatically bad!"

I come here to this board for some fun, bits of info and i would like to see it friendly: if someone prefers to play as let's see who's the wider ass, please go play in his own toilet...
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