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Originally Posted by magnox
Does anyone at all know about this game and whether it got completed and or does anyone even possibly have the original pd disk? I havent seen it since so maybe its one of the rarer pd disks? Thanks loads in advance
In the Zone!

Min. Requirements (from the readme):

- Possibly will run with 2Mb ram, 4Mb or 6Mb recommended (I'd suggest it needs more than 2Mb)
- 5.5Mb HD space
- Mouse

Here's the old website for the game too:

It's a playable demo, but only barely (i.e. it's point 'n' click ala Myst). Pity Magic Rabbit never continued with development after V1.0. Even bigger pity that Gareth Murfin @ Alpha Software was never able to license an official version as he would have been quite capable of delivering something like the PSX version.

Anyway, I'll probably knock up a HOL entry for this PD demo by Magic Rabbit so people won't keep wondering whether Resident Evil was ever released on the Amiga. Enjoy!

I'm sure I can count on you to d/l this, so you can reupload it for others in the future......reupping stuff on dial-up is a pain!

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