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I forget the exact wording, but the key points I made to the big sook were:

1. He rants about cowardly cads bagging him on the Amiga forums who don't have the guts to tell him directly on his magazine - then gets stuck into them on his magazine, not on their Amiga forums...

2. He boasts about playing the Clarinet?

3. He rants and raves about his post being intended to "stir up emotion", but the only one getting emotional is him.

I particularly like the list of life achievements. Hmmm, let's see - would I rather....

Play the Clarinet, dabble in electrical engineering (hello ladies!), write software for 10yo kids and write for magazines, or....

Marry a ballet dancer, earn megabucks by sitting behind a big desk and telling people what to do, enjoy the food/ wine/ hospitality/ accomodation at the world's finest private clubs, travel the world and get paid to do it (not in economy either, Bazza), make a critical difference to struggling primary producers who are being screwed by major corporations, and take the piss out of people who think they are awesome because they play the Clarinet and write for magazines?

My 15 month old son has a more highly developed sense of self-worth than this chump change.

Anyway, I play the Piano. Pianists always pulled better chicks than Clarinet players.

I wonder if this post (designed to spark an emotional response) will be up to the task?
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