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Originally Posted by Zetr0
I would love to see this too, if it exists. I have done a search on aminet and i couldn`t find anything there, and i did a global google and still turned up empty

The thing is... it rings a bell.... it might of only of been screen shoots on a PD as far as i could remember but there is something out

hmmmm AMR might have it their cover disk collection!

Yeh it would be great to find this and get some screenies and put it in the hol with codyjarrets permission. Its would be a little bit of a curios for any who haven't come across it before.

It was kind of cool even it's static screen state to see it on the miggy, I remember telling my friend (who was a playstation fanatic) that I had a resident evil amiga demo. He didn't quite believe me lol

Anyone got any ideas for porting resi 4 to the amiga in some form lol
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