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Originally Posted by magnox
Ok, I might be totally crazy but I seem to remember a pd disk I ordered for the amiga some years ago, which was supposed to be a playable resident evil work in progress demo for the amiga.

It was in the format of a point and click and I dont think it had major amounts of animation in either but rather a sort of static image game e.g. if you clicked on the a clock it would show a up close picture of it complete with ticking sound etc. It also if I remember rightly had some of the original voices somehow ripped into it.

You could play past the first discovery of a zombie if I remember rightly and then when you back into the main entrance hall, it came up about the finished version would contain much more etc.

Does anyone at all know about this game and whether it got completed and or does anyone even possibly have the original pd disk? I havent seen it since so maybe its one of the rarer pd disks? Thanks loads in advance
I remember this one! If I recall it was given away on either an Amiga Format CD or a CU Amiga CD. As you said it was static screens taken from the PSX game and utilised a point and click interface. I don't think that the full version this game was ever released. I think that it would have taken a lot of hard work to get the entire game done! Who knows though? Maybe its out there!
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