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I'd have to say, no.

Everyday just about we have a new member/visitor log onto the board, sure some sites maybe gone/down/not updated, but wasn't this always the case?

From time to time people just get bored of their projects and give them up. Soon all will be back on track when someone else get's the bug to do a nice website/ftp/whatever. You'll see

And by the number of post I have to read here when I get back from work each day tells me that there's some life in the old dog yet

Everyone get's tired of something every now and again, so they take a break and come back with a renewed passion for whichever "scene" their involved with.

I myself have been through this patch lately, for about a month and a half I really had no interest in the Amiga at all, but now it's all come back again, stronger than ever

It'll come good, you just wait and see

BTW this seems to have been a popular topic on emu boards recently, I saw the same subject raised over at the L(ittle)G(reen)D(esktop) forum.

Simply put the "scene" will never die, it'll just hibernate from time to time

I hope this allays some of your fears

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