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I too used to make fun of PC people back then (late 80's, early 90's). I was in high school then and they had a bunch of 286's and some 386's in one room, and they were running DOS at the time. Sure, I did play some games on them too but they were pathetic compared to the ones I played on the Amiga at home! Those block graphics and beep noises were terrible! And yet the PC people dared to call their machines "professional" while they claimed that Amigas were for "gameplaying kids"!

I'm sure they would've been able to make good office programs on the Amiga too if companies would've let some of their pride go and try something new. Technically the Amiga was at least 5 years ahead of the PC at the time, it could even multitask and had a Windows-like system that worked better than Windows itself, but craved much less space (could even boot up a floppy with Workbench and let it use the RAM memory effeciently).

Sure, right now the PC's are pretty good, but we've travelled a decade in time now anyway so they should be! But I wonder what the Amiga would be like now if it had been developed as much as the PC has been (i.e spent as much money developing it as they did with PC)? It'd be totally awesome, and I'm sure Workbench would still almost be bootable from a disk but outperform Windows XP easily! Well, I guess we'll see in five years from now, then the PC will be like today's Amiga would be!
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