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Where is GameBASE VIC ? - 'Official' site dead

Where on EARTH! is GameBase VIC 20 ??

I've looked everywhere. The 'official' site appears to have been dead for over a year.
Any other site I've managed to find via google or DogPile all link back to the dead site.
I've notice from reading the GameBase VIC thread that a few people, a few years
ago managed to get. So it is out there SOMEWHERE!
I'm wondering why GamBase 64 is not hosting it. There was mention in a thread
here somewhere that they were going to.
If someone could email mail it to me, I could even set up a host site for it.

Thanks Bill.

(btw, I cross posted to this thread because the
GB VIC thread (on GameBase 64 forums) has not had a post for
1 year, so that tells me very few or no one read it)
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