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I've got to agree with everything that's been said.

I discovered UAE prior to the 0.8 series (maybe 0.6) and since then, it's come leaps and bounds and is now comparable to actual Amiga's. I myself used to have many Amiga's laying about, however due to space, I got rid of them but only after I knew WinUAE could handle everything, which it can for my needs (some games, some development, etc).

When Toni took over development, the core seems to have become a lot more stable, an abundant number of features were implemented, it's much more compatible and the user friendliness of it all has become a major feature in itself. Additionally, Toni is superb when it comes to support. Authors of other emulators can learn a thing or two (MAMEDev come to great as the development is, they're sitting on their high horses and refuse to come down ).

Thanks for everything you've down for the emulator and the community Toni!
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