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Originally Posted by DamienD
Grahman, I'm surprised that you even know / use an Amiga... I mean, you are 10 years younger than me and the Amiga was virtually dead by the time I was 16 - 17 years old... You would have been 6 - 7 years old at that time maximum
Well, I got an A500+ when I was five, which would have been November '91, (and I even used a Spectrum for a couple of years before that which I vaguely recall) so I got lucky I guess. In many ways it's not a surprise that I didn't know anyone/many people with an Amiga but when I was about 6 or 7 years old certainly a lot of kids in my year group had Mega Drives and SNESs and things, so maybe in some ways it is a surprise I was pretty much on my own. Even through middle and high school I still owned and used an Amiga (amongst other machines); I used to get a bit of stick for that! In fact, a few months back I saw someone I used to go to school with and one of the first things he asked me was "Do you still use your Amiga?"

It does make me feel a bit old sometimes, my brother was born in '90 and a lot of people in his age group haven't heard of the Amiga, and he knows a few people a couple of years younger than him and they weren't even born when I started using an Amiga. God knows how old it makes some of you feel

Oh, and Damien, I've never been called Grahman before.... I must admit I quite like it
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