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It seems to be one of those sad facts of life that people tend to bring up negatives about things but take the positives as written. I've read some of the less constructive feedback comments have made about WinUAE but like to think that these come across as negative as written word can often misrepresent the sentiment.

I whole heartedly agree with you all that WinUAE is a truly fantastic piece of software and Toni is a great, great guy for producing this masterpiece and being on hand to assist and comment on people's queries. But I also have to say that this forum and the people within it are truly awesome. It would be a truly wonderful world if people in the real world helped each other out with such selflessness.

I thank you ALL. You are ALL great!

But Toni more so.

And perhaps KG.

Oh, and DamienD.

I think that's it.
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