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Let me begin this thread by thanking Pyromania for the heads up on this port. He mentioned it to me on the phone last week, I'd forgotten about it and today this link came from him in a PM, so credit for the link goes to him. Disclaimer out of the way...

There was a discusssion some time back about which games we would like to have seen Amiga versions of. It was a great thread (until it got spoiled by another inane flamewar...) and there was a mention of SCUMM on the C64. For the uninitiated, SCUMM is LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) which was used on most (all?) LucasArts titles from that point on. This includes Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Indy 3, Indy 4, Zak McKracken, Loom, The Dig, Full Throttle, Monkey Island 1-2-3, and probably others.

The Amiga port is still in beta, but some games do work. Some can even be completed! Some are missing features (sound, etc.) that may or may not affect the game, but we're only looking at v.034.

One note in the FAQ talks about copy protection not working proper on some games, so cracks may work better. So it got me to thinking about how cool it would be to have WHD versions of the games that work. As many games as those guys fix, they probably have better fixing skills than the SCUMM team do. Just a thought.

Another exciting note: you may ask yourself what good is this on titles that already exist on the Amiga, like the Indy games, MI 1 & 2, etc. Well, since those games were VGA on the PCA, it's like getting an AGA version for the Amiga!

At this stage, the working games (that can be completed) with Amiga SCUMM are Monkey Island CD version (hey - Monkey Island CD32!), Indy 4, and Day of the Tentacle (!!!). DOTT is a game that has problems with the copy protection, so a crack would be neccesary (surely this must exist!)

Anybody up for posting a working install of any of these Amiga/SCUMM titles?
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