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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Actually I'm having a hard time believing that Alone in the Dark would have been too much for the Amiga. I did run the game under ShapeShifter on my Blizzard1230-equiped A1200 and it was playable (albeit not fluent when some objects got too big). If it had been optimized for the Amiga it feels like it would have been possible to make the game run on an A500, or at least a bare-bone A1200 (with the textures disabled). It's not much more than some pre-rendered backgrounds with quite simple 3D-objects on top (and the game engine in itself, that is). Really basic AI-stuff in there. Well, maybe the A500 wouldn't cut it... but the A1200...
Agreed.. mostly
And Res Evil is a muchness of the same... ness..

A few others I'd love to have seen: (some have been mentioned)
Command and Conquer
Kyrandia II
First Encounters
Settlers II
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