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Originally Posted by killergorilla
You've pretty much pin pointed the Amiga's two worst genres.
Damn. I wrote a lengthy post concerning this and then suddenly FireFox decided to shut down the tab (?).

I'll just quickly try to summarize what I said in that very post:

* Wolfenstein 3D could probably have recieved a decent port for the A500. If the game would have ran in 15 FPS instead of 30FPS, well, fine... considering how satisfied some seemed to be with the ClickBOOM version of Quake (which according to me is completely unplayable) I think people would have been satisfied with a Wolfenstein 3D running in a not so high FPS.

* Doom got released 1993. If an Amiga version would have been released by 1994 people would not already have started buying their 030-based accelerators, but the sales of the accalerators would probably have rocketed (a new expensive PC to be able to run the game, or a very much cheaper accelerator card? Oooh, though choice...). Even though I do understand that some people always aims at having the game running on their 'core' Amiga... Doom would probably been as good of a reason as anything to actually make the 030-accelerator a standard. And if it would have been a standard maybe, finally, some game developers would have realised that they could raise their bars some few inches. I mean, people constantly upgraded their PC's just to play the latest games... but one single accelerator making the A1200, for example, being able to give a completely new gaming experience that would have lasted for another couple of years (maybe), would that really have been such a bad thing? Well, neither Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were never ever a possibility (if the rumours, that a certain person on ID Software hated the Amiga and would do anything to never see the games released on the plaform, are true)... so in the end it doesn't really matter.

* The 1-button limitation is fictional. It was really a nice experience playing Turrican II with a Master System joypad... simply because I didn't have to bother about reaching for 'space' everytime I wanted to use the special attack. If there is one thing I can't understand it must be why the game developers didn't at least include the option of using more buttons more frequently. Some players had 2-button based controllers. Some had even more buttons to make use of. It wouldn't exactly have delayed the development of a game to include the option... so why did they so rarely do this very thing? Especially when it came to fighters? Didn't they know that they were able to do it? Were they just completely left behind? Were they just aiming at making the whole experience as dreadful as possible? What on earth where they thinking trying to make a figthing game with many moves only using one button? They must have been mad... there's simply nothing more to it... it can't possibly be anything more to it than that.

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