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Aaah the old favoured joystick.

...Zipstick all the way baby!!!

I recently bought 2 dirt cheap on Ebay for 6 and one had a 4 way connector attached to it.

Yeah real frickin' funny.
If I had 4 friends when I had my Amiga, I wouldn't have been sitting in front of the damned thing.
I'd have been out, having fun and doing the sex type thing...or something.

Anyway, my old Zipstick lasted for years and I almost cried when it died.
I came "this" close to buying one at the old Hackney boot market but didn't think it'd be that hard to get another - 8 years and many failed auctions later, I can now carry on with Kick Off 2....which I have since found out, doesn't work on the Amiga 1200 I bought from Ebay.
I guess I'll have to dig out my A500's now!

While I'm on a roll talking bollocks, I used to have this massive joystick pad with about 4 or 6 suction pads that you'd slam on the desk so it'd stick and it had a shit load of rapid fire switches and buttons on the sides.
Such an expensive piece of shit: one session on Panza Kick Boxing and I tore the bastard thing apart....
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