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Originally Posted by Retroplay
nes6502 just released a small ZsnexBox 3.0 update.

What's new/fixed:
* Fixed the TV calibration option
* Fixed the target when calibrating the lightgun.
Let's hope the screen resizing is easier now.

Back on topic, I haven't tried Alien Breed 3D on WinUAEX so I can't say.
ZsnexBox 3.1 has just been released!

-Added option to use the Path.ini or to have ZsnexBox create all the directories on the E partition. This will allow users to easily put ZsnexBox on a CD/DVD and run it on any Xbox (without having to create all the directories Path.ini points to). Just change "usePathINI=1" to "usePathINI=0" in the Path.ini before you burn the CD/DVD.

-Screenshots larger than 512x512 are no longer supported. If ZsnexBox finds a preview larger than this, it will not display it. Extremely high res box art will cause a crash (i.e ZsnexBox runs out of RAM), and 512x512 is plenty big enough. HD users at 1080i might want to go even lower (256x256). If ZsnexBox freezes after 2 or 3 games, you are running out of RAM and ensuring previews are no bigger than 256x256 will likely fix the issue.

-Tweaked all the skins to make them easier to read.
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