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What I find mystifying about all of this is that Marz has at his disposal sooooo many places to get Amiga files from: AEN/Spoky's/(probably other ftp's), EAB, various web sites, usenet, #l33tmeegashiznit irc servers, PE2000/emuchina/aceroms (I know they are up and down, but they are there!) - all of these resources and probably others I am forgetting - but what concerns him is the fact that one ftp site won't allow him to download. An ftp site that has been uploads only for some time (and for very good reasons, not that the site should feel obligated to provide ANY reason!).

It just seems that as soon as one of his resources for files is down or unavailable, he can't deal with it. What we used to tell AOL'ers in usenet was that the internet is not one big order desk. Just because people take the time and effort to provide a service, it is not owed to you. And it's especially annoying to hear talk about regularly re-downloading files, which eats up bandwidth that often is charged against the host. It's just more ungrateful leeching, haphazard disregard, and lack of courtesy.

And yet again, we are here explaining to Marz in particle detail every nuance of something that should be common ethics.

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