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It would have been nice to have at least ONE J-RPG released for the Amiga.

Just as it would have been nice with one Zelda-style game that held some kind of quality and wasn't 'area' based like Legends (which by the way suffered from ugly scrolling routines and terrible slowdowns during some of the boss-fights) and such. The Speris Legacy visually came close (although the demo vere more up to the job than the final version), but unfortunately I don't have many good words to say concerning the game; lack of boss-fights, 'area' based even though it wants to give the illusion that is isn't... and it feels rushed and I couldn't be bothered less with the story. I think I got more disappointed with The Speris Legacy than I got with The Rise of the Robots... just because my hopes were higher when it came to Speris... it could have been the first (and only) truly Zelda-style game on the Amiga with class. But, no.

Then we have these games that could have been released for the Amiga and at least delayed the exodus to the DOS/Windows platform: Wolfenstein 3D for the A500 and later on Doom for the AGA-based Amigas. Doom should have required an 030-accelerator... just to boost the sales of the hardware and once and for all show the game developers that they had no need to stick to the limits of the core-hardware that the platform had to offer. Such a shame.

...and finally, we have this game that I would have liked to see on the Amiga just because it is such a brillant game: Ys. Ys must be one of the most ported games ever... the series has more or less touched every platform there is (well, not really, but anyways) and an Amiga port done with the Amiga hardware in mind could have been such a nice thing. One little gem of an action-RPG... well, the entire series offers some of the nicest action-RPG moments of all time (not to mention the terrific soundtracks), but at least the first five game in the series could have recieved an Amiga port (just because it wouldn't have been any problems since the hardware is more than up to the job).

It would have been so nice if the Amiga would have established itself as the premier computer platform when it came to gaming in Japan. If there is one thing I think the Amiga lacks when it comes to games... it is the Japanese culture of gaming. Not that European games can't be great... but just imagine what a J-RPG, Zelda style action-adventure, a Metroid style platform-adventure or a true Japanese SHMUP (why didn't we get a GOOD port of R-Type and why did never Gradius/Nemesis get a port? Gradius could have been an arcade-perfect port) have done for the game library...


Now I'm almost getting upset.

And sad.
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