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Those two assholes were an eyesore on the Amiga's rich, luxurious, albeit tained, history. I remember going to the CBM booth on one of the days and there was some old woman who looked like she'd just crawled out of her deathbed, chomping on a cigarette like Miss Beasley (the lunchroom lady in Archie comics) - she was the sole rep for that booth at that time. She was rude, arrogant, insulting and wouldn't even discuss the Amiga. No clue who she was, but she certainly left a vivid imprint. So we quickly dashed over to see Kiki at the Toaster booth. Or was it some new chick that year...I forgot.

Damn, I'd completely forgotten about that interview with that president from CBM. That was actually pretty funny now that I think back on it. This hack had his whole spiel memorized and just babbled rhetoric for 10 minutes.
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