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Originally Posted by jotd
Oh! Not perfect in terms of 24 bit palette I guess...

WinUAE rip for the intro picture, and I used rips done by I don't remember who (got to find the name of the guy) who used GfxRip on the memory to extract the tiles and posted the results on EAB. Many thanks to him!!!

I also used the maps from Hall of Light, but had to correct them because they were wrong in some parts and sometimes an entire room is missing (level 2 boss room is not in HOL map, it's on mine now )
So the graphics are from the Amiga version? Good choice, if you ask me =)

Itsn't it then a very big job to screenshot-rip the animated sprites?

Please note that I heavily reworked the gfx so it looks less pixelized and has brighter colors. Some ppl don't like it
I think it would be worth to put on the todo list after 1.0 release =) I would probably use the option if it was there, but I don't think it would stop anyone from playing the game =)
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