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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
You STILL go to that board, Ian?!
Erm, no. Someone else pointed it out to me.
Originally posted by MarzAttakz
I bet you still post there too.
What?!? you've seen my nickname next to some of the post on there??

I know one person that has posted on that forum using a different nickname, and that was you. Remember, it was something along the lines of "The FTP's suck, I can never log on"
Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Anyhow, I did make some new discoveries regarding his FTP yesterday, and reminded §ane of them through e-mail. And I can tell you now that there was not one single "Please put it back up" blurtout in that e-mail.
No, I bet it was in the subject, not the email, did you give §ane the old, "if you let me download this, I'll upload this ultra rare copy of Xenon 2 for you, it's an original, cracked by Bamiga Sector One" trick??

Anyway the fact remain, the reason why §ane's FTP is only for uploads has been explained to you time and time again, but you still insist on asking the same question, or demanding it be put up again.

What is it exactly you want from there that you can't get anywhere else?? The simple answer is there is nothing on there you can't get anywhere else. Stop badgering the poor dude and get to searching for the stuff you want using Google

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