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Gaston/Pinball Dreams/Digital Illusions

I can see everyones point about Pinball Dreams and Gaston, if he truly didn't care, then he should have left his real handle in there.... alas he did not.

I do not see why Animal should be so hurt. I helped a lot on Speris Legacy, and it was cracked and released by two people in two seperate groups that I knew personally...... thats life, they cracked it because it was there, and frankly, if Fairlight didn't release it, someone else would have, and if it was such a big deal, then surely all BBS operators would have killed it, swappers and traders would not have bothered with it...... fact is, Gaston and Fairlight are easy scapegoats for other peoples conscience, easier to blame someone else for your actions than yourself.

Gaston was wrong to crack it under any other name than his own (using a crack handle from someone that cracked about 3 Amiga games in the past was a giveaway!)...... but I think Digital Illusions/Silents did very well all the same... it was a game worth playing, and a game worth buying. Hewson (renamed to 21st Century Entertainment) were able to stay in business because of this one game....... not many titles can do that !
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