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Originally Posted by s2325
H.E.R.O. was as PD game for Amiga.

Short:    Amiga version of the classic C-64 H.E.R.O. by Activision
Author:  => EVO, WdW, Soft Ice & Jazz
Type:     game/misc
                              -- Introduction --
Hello H.E.R.O. Helpers (H.H.H. for short)
Something is going to happen. A big interactive event is going to take place.
We are about to release a game which we had to miss for a long time now (too
long if you ask me!). Coming soon is an Amiga version of the old Activision
game H.E.R.O. And that's not all. You can be a part of its release.
In the archive you will find a level-editor and an enemy-editor to make levels
for our game. You can make levels with the map editor and add the enemies later
on. If you choose to do so, you will be given the change to actually play these
levels in an actual H.E.R.O. game.
Now here's the deal:
If you choose to make levels, and they're fun to play, you can pass them on to
us, and we'll implement them in the game! Or we'll keep them to use them in a
future H.E.R.O.-deluxe release (or something like that)...
The finished H.E.R.O. game can be registered and you will recieve a complete
version. Hopefully an AGA version will be an option featuring fully rendered
graphics and enhanced sounds and stuff....
Yep, I've played the Aminet version before. It's quite good (especially for an AMOS game), but it's shareware and I haven't been able to find the full game. Anyone have the full game in their collection by any chance?
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