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Wasn't this thread about Emulation vs the Real Thing and not a place to moan about the new UAE not working?

Paul banned Alyria he had same ip as Fortrax aka Minious. The tone was similar to this Lagoth though. Who, just as Alyria did, has joined to moan about WinUAE not working and that it's awful/getting worse/toni doesn't care etc..... and yet is also reluctant to provide evidence so it can be fixed. Hmmm.

Trying to get back on topic, I like WinUAE, it does many things my real Amiga's cant. Mind you I still dig them out (very) occasionally but purely for the nostalgia of attaching the leads, finding the disk is corrupt and other joys! Also playing the odd game!

[edit] whoops Calgor, didn't notice you'd reeled it back into on topic already!
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