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Originally Posted by Lagoth
If it isn't fixable, fair enough but at least it should be documented, there is no reason not to document it.
who is to say Toni doesnt have it documented? if as YOU say, its "definately" known...then he would have the details. if you think he doesnt, do a bug report.

Unless there are multiple bugs with similar symptoms, it has already been reported. eg. "WinUAE hard hangs" at
I also found many other bug reports but that one seems to be the closest one. I know the details of the report because I have read the thread. I can't guarantee that it is an identical bug but it certainly would be a coincidence to have 2 such similar bugs in 1 program.
still all assumption.

Indeed it isn't well-documented, there is no mention of it anywhere at the WinUAE site.
errr why does it have to be? at the end of the day, the only person who needs details on bugs is Toni, and he doesnt have to publish all the details on site. if there HAS been a full bug report (which you are clearly too stubborn to do youself, in spite of your willingness to call all of Toni's work pointless) then he will have details. but unless you do it yourself, you can have no guarentees he has the details, and that's your own fault.

Don't you think it's a bit rude to imply that someone is lying just because you can't reproduce their bug? (Or haven't bothered to try to reproduce it, more likely.)
excuse me? when did i say you were lieing? did i say the bug "isnt there"? oh wait, i didnt.... just that the way you have reacted to encountering it is somewhat laughable. i may have said your attidude sucks... because frankly it does.

More confirmation that there is such a bug. Doesn't look like Toni was ever interested in fixing it. Lame. Now, why the hell would I bother doing a bug report if this is the attitude towards bugs? Why not take some pride in your work Toni and make it run stable before adding lots of features that no one uses?
see what i mean? frankly i shant bother from here, because you clearly dont want to listen.
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