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Iv'e changed a little regarding this.Always loved emulation of any machine but it was only when i got my XBox running Winuaex that i started using the Amiga a lot more in emulation - closer for me to the real thing because i run it on my tv and the scrolling is exact and unlike what i could ever get on the pc(i guess it's possible to achieve perfect scrolling but i could only ever get smooth blur).
These days however i care less about the exactness of the scrolling and have been using ClassicWB on Winuae PC.It looks and feels really nice to be running the Amiga this way.Got 3 A1200's also and they are my pride - flashcards as hardrives are very cool and i think i would regret not having a real machine.That said though , Winuae is one stunning emulator that means you really don't need to have a real machine should it need to be that way.I'm just glad i got loads of options as for me each setup has it's advantages.
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