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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace
maybe the bug is particularly difficult to fix? especially since you seem to have more knowledge on it than anyone else on this forum. I certainly have not heard any specific details of this complaint, dispite reading many amiga forums largely centered around users of winuae... usually the odd mention of a few bugs/breakages, but nothing to the extent of which you seem to have encountered......
If it isn't fixable, fair enough but at least it should be documented, there is no reason not to document it.

it seems to me this comment assumes this to happen to everybody, which is quite clearly not the case, and as a result you have wrongly branded the whole of winuae "rubbish".
I'm judging on my personal experience with it. I've used lots of emulators and none of them do this.

the assumption that it is a waste of your time to report bugs hardly aids the situation does it? my point is simply that if you arent willing to do anything about it, dont assume someone else will do it for you. If you want a bug fixed because it is -that- much of a hinderence, you must be willing to do something about it yourself. Reproduce the bug on demand, cite settings, hardware and anything else you can think of for a bug report. you claim it is "already reported" but how can you claim know the full details of that report, and guarentee the problem would be fixed on your own machine, based on the bug report of someone else? put simply... you cant.
Unless there are multiple bugs with similar symptoms, it has already been reported. eg. "WinUAE hard hangs" at
I also found many other bug reports but that one seems to be the closest one. I know the details of the report because I have read the thread. I can't guarantee that it is an identical bug but it certainly would be a coincidence to have 2 such similar bugs in 1 program. In any event, the fact that that bug still has yet to be documented or fixed 4 months later despite several new WinUAE versions doesn't inspire confidence in whatever bug-tracking system he uses.

I can reproduce the bug, I just have to start UAE and wait a couple of minutes. The random factor is how long it lasts before dying, at times it doesn't even finish booting the OS, other times I can get up to 5 minutes or so before it dies. I have tried various settings, which don't have any correlation to the length of time, so it doesn't seem to be settings-related.

I very much doubt any such bug is being "ignored" , but Toni would know more about that than i. however, i can say i think its a bit rude to accuse any author of willingly saying "f**k it" to any well documented (something which i still do not beleive this bug to be) problem.
Indeed it isn't well-documented, there is no mention of it anywhere at the WinUAE site. If I see a willingness to investigate and fix bugs I'll report them, otherwise why bother. Don't you think it's a bit rude to imply that someone is lying just because you can't reproduce their bug? (Or haven't bothered to try to reproduce it, more likely.)

I recommend buying a new PC.
What a dickhead comment. I don't see him suggesting this to people that have reported other bugs, only this bug. Is that what he does every time one of his programs doesn't work properly, he buys a new computer? I guess he does this everytime he has too much spyware too? Do you see my point that he doesn't appear to take bug reports seriously? Just wait until there is a bug that affects YOU, I'm sure you will be thrilled to buy a new computer when the old one works fine for every program except one.

Yet, I have gone back to using v1.2.0. as that version doesn't freeze like the new versions. I am using UAE mostly for coding some stuff and it's a bit annoying always having to kill UAE and restart it instead of just resetting the emulated Amiga once my code bugs out. I can send you a piece of code that triggers the bug if you are interested.
More confirmation that there is such a bug. Doesn't look like Toni was ever interested in fixing it. Lame. Now, why the hell would I bother doing a bug report if this is the attitude towards bugs? Why not take some pride in your work Toni and make it run stable before adding lots of features that no one uses?

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