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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
I remember back in the early 90's, Pyromania and I went to an Amiga trade show in Long Beach and we got to meet Jim Sachs there. He was extremely disgruntled with CBM at the time and his face soured at the mere mention of the word Commodore. He was a soft-spoken, pleasant individual who did not deserve the treatment he got from CBM. It was disheartening for us to hear him talk about abandoning the Amiga platform (developing for it, that is), but we certainly understood his disdain.

Off-topic, but we also had the displeasure of hanging out with Jim Drew of Emplant fame. Talk about your snake oil salesmen! I've never heard anybody spew so much bullshit in my life as this man did. And he commanded everybody's undivided attention every time he spoke. Including the corporate suit-and-tie stiffs from CBM, who were the most clueless fucks there. Oh, the stories I could spin about those morons...

But at least we got to meet Jay Miner and shake his hand. The highlight of that show, IMHO.
It's been too many years since I've seen Jim Sachs, I really can't remember to well at all. I can really understand his displeasure with CBM after their treatment of him

Now don't get me started with Jim Drew :kill , like you said a snake oil saleman, and I'm sorry to say from the Pacific NW as well. He and the schister that started Megasoft et al.

Unfortunately he showed up at a lot of my pizza parties and he seemed awful smarmy back then He stole from the company I worked for at the time as well as from John Henry of Fast Hackem' Fame (C64).

Nice thing that you got to meet Jay Minor before his death, that's something
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