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maybe the bug is particularly difficult to fix? especially since you seem to have more knowledge on it than anyone else on this forum. I certainly have not heard any specific details of this complaint, dispite reading many amiga forums largely centered around users of winuae... usually the odd mention of a few bugs/breakages, but nothing to the extent of which you seem to have encountered......

But unfortunately WinUAE is rubbish, it crashes the host after 2-3 minutes on average. And the sound emulation is broken.
it seems to me this comment assumes this to happen to everybody, which is quite clearly not the case, and as a result you have wrongly branded the whole of winuae "rubbish".

the assumption that it is a waste of your time to report bugs hardly aids the situation does it? my point is simply that if you arent willing to do anything about it, dont assume someone else will do it for you. If you want a bug fixed because it is -that- much of a hinderence, you must be willing to do something about it yourself. Reproduce the bug on demand, cite settings, hardware and anything else you can think of for a bug report. you claim it is "already reported" but how can you claim know the full details of that report, and guarentee the problem would be fixed on your own machine, based on the bug report of someone else? put simply... you cant.

I very much doubt any such bug is being "ignored" , but Toni would know more about that than i. however, i can say i think its a bit rude to accuse any author of willingly saying "f**k it" to any well documented (something which i still do not beleive this bug to be) problem.
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